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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Review After 1 Month

A budget phone and its normal devices which is the most selling mobile phone device in pakistan in the rangre of 30000 Rs. I am talking about the redme note 8. Now the redmi note 8 pro is here and i am doing to write a detail review on it. I almost used it 30 days which a month and i really like this revices and its price is also really good because in pakistan the dollar prices from lats 2 years were really high and this smart phone redme note 8 pro comes in a very good price in pakistani market so i am sure that in the market it good to buy. I asked lots of my friends about it and all of them really like it

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Design

Now let’s begin with the planning at this budget price point most companies accompany a plastic or a glowstick look. We just don’t look as premium as a correct glass phone so Xiaomi actually went with a gloss specs you’re getting Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and back of this phone. the colour that I even have may be a grey silver quite color it’s specialized the curved sides on the rear reflect light and since of that it also fits nicely in one hand doors rock bottom you get the one that you love headphone jack from the the front is rocking a u-shaped notch and right towards the center .

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Sensors

We have a quad camera setup this is often one among the primary phones on the market you’ve got these 64 megapixel sensor if you guys remember Samsung announced a sensor a few of months ago now it’s finally shipping on phones and it had been actually made together with Xiaomi and that i need to say the results out of this camera is basically pretty good for the worth it’s too good more thereon later there’s a fingerprint the scanner on the rear also which is basically joined with the camera so it’s possible to possess fingerprints on the optical lens due to the finger scanner is simply too on the brink of that but as far because the speed cares is really really fast like ridiculously fast I’m moving over to the display we’ve a full HD plus 6.5 inch LCD panel this panel features a 500 nits of brightness it’s decently bright it’s comfortable to look at outside if not have any problem as far as reading the text or watching the the screen in bright outdoor conditions obviously, i might have preferred the OLED technology over the IPS LCD but considering the worth is coming at it’s really hard to complain overall it’s a really decent display decent vibrant colors the text looks sharp and since it’s an outsized display it’s gonna be a really good Creed for the gamers and speaking of gaming.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Review After 1 Month
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Redmi Note 8 Pro Performance

let’s mention the performance this one is rocking the MediaTek helio g9 TD chipset benchmark was his performance is on the brink of snap rig and 8:45 from last year and in terms of the real-life usage haven’t seen any lag throughout the UI has been very stable on this Android 9.0 by a softer version the surprising part about the SIP set was within the gaming department therefore the GPU of this phone is really am lig 76 if you recall that’s an equivalent GPU that you simply see inside Galaxy Note dentists and therefore the made 30 Pro and other flagship phones so due to that it’s actually performing specialized within the games that I’ve played especially Call of Duty it had been running the sport at 60 frames per second within the multiplayer mode and that i saw an honest 45 to 50 frames per second performance within the battle royale mode which I didn’t expect in the least status with email AG 76 GPU the gaming performance on this $250 phone is insane it’s coming with 6 gigs of RAM which is plenty enough to handle multiple apps at an equivalent time but as far because the sovereign’s concern is running Android 9 burner by supported shammies on me UI and that i need to say it’s a reasonably decent Android skin we’ve all the features like dark mode the split-screen multitasking some element of this UI it’s like it’s inspired from iOS but if you’ve got used a ShowMe phone before i feel you’re gonna love what Xiaomi is doing here it’s got a couple of pre-installed bloatware applications which you’ll uninstall later overall it’s a pleasant skin but if you would like a cleaner or a pure Android kind experience you ought to definitely, use a launcher.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Review After 1 Month
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Cameras

Now let’s discuss cameras so we’ve got a main 64 maybe so lens with F 1.9 aperture then there’s an 8 maybe saw ultra-wide-angle lens a do megapixel dedicated macro camera and it do mega pixel depth sensor then on the front is rocking a 20 megapixel FB Windows selfie the camera now I even have to mention the pictures out of this phone at this price is amazing too good you’ll take an image and concentrate the maximum amount as you would like and it’s not gonna lose any detail as long as you’re using the 64-megapixel mode in good lighting condition it’s getting to provide some really detailed pictures of these shots on Xiaomi phone and I’m really really impressed about the result there’s a fanatical macro lens also which allows you to urge really on the brink of your subject for photos like this and for the portrait images the depth sensor is doing a really decent job you’ll adjust the portrait blur on the photo as you’re taking it which is pretty good and almost like the iPhone you furthermore may get tons of studio effects also now coming to the night more performance i used to be actually very impressed with the design of the pictures judging from all the result I even have to mention the night mode does work specialized in low-light situations the pictures are nice and detailed again I didn’t expect the camera to perform this good at this price range just to point out you guys how good this camera is I’m just putting this during a side-by-side with the iPhone 11 Pro max which is that the a phone that costs $1,200 taking a glance at the small print obviously iPhone is best I mean considering the difference of eight $900 between these phones it’s great within the least again I’m just super impressed by the cameras and therefore the ir performance for the worth of this phone as far because the selfies are concern is doing an honest employment with the sharpness and the colors because of the AI working actively and enhancing stuff the pictures does have a touch of a soft effect to them so it’s not super detailed you’ll definitely adjust the sweetness level in the settings and as for the videos, the selfie camera can shoot 1080p at 30fps the rear cameras can shoot 4k at 30fps also as 1080p 60fps which is pretty good the 4k video quality is good but I’m not that impressed with the stabilization so you’ve got to be a touch bit extra stable together with your hands, you’ll definitely get a far better stabilization result if you’re shooting at 1080p 60fps now surprisingly xiaomi included in 960 frames per second slow-mo video mode which again enhances your camera experience even more on top of that, you furthermore may have 240 FPS slow-mo video also as 120 frames per second slo-mo video I mean this camera is simply too good for this price now lastly and most significantly if we mention the battery well it’s rocking if 4500 mah cell which is greater than 90% of the phone including the flashes that are out there with 18 watts of fast charging support so for the bad result, i used to be ready to get do each day of battery out of this beast without breaking a sweat I’ve been using the camera constantly for taking photos haven’t been playing games that much but Xiaomi says that you simply can do 10 hours of consistent gaming on this beast but my usage was freed from games mostly been watching YouTube videos and authoring emails using social media apps and taking some photos all of that it had been ready to transcend at some point with none problem again all of that at this price just does good to be true hopefully, this phone are going to be one among the primary phones from Xiaomi to urge the Android 10 update once it’s out so yeah that’s all I even have to mention regarding the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro phone.

I’ve been more focused towards the flagship releases for the past few months but it’s nice to ascertain what’s happening within the budget game really happy to ascertain what Xiaomi is giving us in 2019 at this price point but let me know your thoughts within the comment section below and as always I’ll see you guys within the next to at least one peace out

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  1. redmi has new version in market “note 8 pro” which is completely rivals for competitors. This blog has all the specs information about note 8 pro like Design, Sensors, Performance, Cameras. It will boom the market.

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