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Vivo S1 Pro Review

If you get sacked and the Vivo s series has always been about defining style finding new ways to present smartphone aesthetics and encapsulating the whole thing in a budget-friendly package this is the s1 pro it trades in circles and squares for diamonds but is it enough there is a a spot in your pockets let’s find out.

Vivo S1 Pro Design

Starting off with design like I said earlier the s1 pro-trade circles and squares for diamonds to be more specific. I’m talking about this diamond-shaped camera module.

Here at the rear placed on the upper center vivos marketing material claims that it was the jewelry that inspired the overall design language of this device and I guess that’s most true with the fancy sky colorway what we have here is the s1 Pro in night black it definitely looks classy with a little fun thanks to these red accents primarily the device is clad in glass paired with a metallic frame and that adds a nice feel to its Diamandis thetic in front, it utilizes a dewdrop notch that houses the selfie shooter with relatively thin bezels the s-1 pro like most devices released this year utilizes an in-display fingerprint scanner and the truth is Vivo has really incorporated this diamond aesthetic all over the device like the charging the animation is a diamond.

benchmark scores

I mean if they really wanted to cash in on this they could have made the notch diamond-shaped to but oh well four buttons in port starting at the top we can find a noise canceling mic for loudspeaker as well as a 3.5-millimeter audio jack situated on the right are the volume rocker and the red-accented power button on the left we can find a hybrid dual SIM card tray and lastly, at the bottom, we can find the main microphone for regular calls a USB type-c port and a single downward-firing speaker for displaying the s1 pro features a six-point 38 inch full HD plus Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 23 40 by 1080 we don’t get any gorilla glass protection on this device so users might want to preserve the already installed the screen protector provided when it comes to media consumption this Super AMOLED the panel is really nice users can enjoy watching their favorite movies and shows with good contrast vibrant colors and deep blacks view under direct sunlight is manageable.

I think the the panel could be a bit more bright in the next iteration for the audio coming from the single downward-firing speaker it can get moderately loud with minimal lows and highs mids are very present .

Vivo S1 Pro Review
Vivo S1 Pro Review

Vivo S1 Pro Specification Review

it’s basically the only thing it’s got for it if I’m being honest for Hardware under its panels it sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 6:65 coupled with a you know 610 GPU it’s a pretty average chipset at this point though we never experienced any lags or delays when it came to multitasking between apps and regular web browsing the s1 pro gets eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage with expandable storage of up to 256 gigs for the software we get Android 9pi skin with one-touch OS 9.2 on top now the fun touch is a pretty heavy skin atop Android and it really isn’t one of our favorites stuff like the notification panel and the stock camera app really gets on our nerves here in the office but I’m sure Vivo fans are definitely used to these things by now not to mention our comments on user interfaces do sum up to being subjective like the design.

Vivo S1 Pro Benchmark Scores and Battery Review

Now for those of you interested in our benchmark scores I’ll have them flash on screen now in terms of biometric security this device gets fingerprint and face unlock the the fingerprint scanner is an optical and display one and it’s pretty fast it takes about half a second to unlock the the device though it still isn’t as fast as a really good conventional scanner the the face on a walk, on the other hand, is pretty snappy though it can’t slow down in more challenging lighting conditions for battery the s1 pro gets a 4500 mini a power cell that supports 18 watts fast charging this device takes about an hour to fill up with the included brick and our standard video loop test which entails the phone being in airplane mode its brightness and volumes up to 50% and with headphones plugged in the s1 Pro got us a total of 21 hours and 52 minutes of playback now for the cameras at the rear that diamon the camera module is a quad-camera setup composed of a 48-megapixel main shooter an 8-megapixel ultra-wide a 2 megapixel dedicated macro sensor and a 2 megapixel a depth sensor on the front-facing side of things in the notch resides a 32 megapixel selfie shooter alright.

let’s check out some samples so all these photos before you were taken on the default photo mode, it trims the post-processing es wird pro takes some decent photos some of you might not like the aggressive processing from the AI scene identifier luckily users can switch that off in the the settings menu in a general sense photos taken on the s1 pro come with a pretty the average amount of dynamic to an average focusing speed and sharpness I noticed that depending on the lighting conditions the camera the shutter can take a while to shoot the the image which was a bit annoying highlights can come off blown out most of the time and color reproduction from this thing really isn’t the most faithful either for portrait mode subject matter and separations pretty good still not perfect though and because of that slow shutter speed I mentioned earlier sometimes subjects can appear out of focus because of the camera took a little long for portrait selfies so Jake Packard separation is about just as good as the rear and again like I mentioned with the default samples highlights can appear blown out at that time so users might want to dial down the exposure before shooting for actual selfies image quality seems to be quite top-notch the 32-megapixel sensor can take selfies good enough for social media posts and hey I’m not complaining for macro mode, this device does have a dedicated sensor for it and it could also, be a bit better users need to remember that ample lighting should be available when using the sensor but even the focusing distance with this sensor is a bit subpar compared to a dedicated macro sensor from Xiaomi for video the s-1 Pro can shoot up to a resolution of 1080 at 30 frames per second that’s the the sample you guys are viewing right now stabilization has room for improvement and picture quality is about the same as it stills so to wrap this review up the vivo s1 pro retails locally for fifteen thousand nine hundred ninety pesos it’s a pretty capable mid-range er with a great display for media consumption a pretty average chips good battery life and ok cameras the s1 pro only has one RAM and storage configuration that’s eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage and it’s capable of expandable storage so are you guys thinking of copying a VEVO s1 pro let us know in a comment section below.

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