Samsung’s Galaxy S11 Invisible Camera Phone is CONFIRMED

what’s up guys and oh my god it’s happening Samsung is working on Galaxy 11 and its next generation of fold model but there is something even more exciting to come as well something we expect you to happen in 2021 but turns out it’s happening next year yes that’s the right same thing is about to take a big a step towards its ultimate goal of having a full-on business design.

Invisible Camera Phone

Yes they’re gonna reveal their first under screen camera phone this news is actually coming from three different sources which confirms that Samsung is indeed bringing it next year the first source is our trusted leak stirrer I universe he says that Samsung will launch an under display camera phone next year. It’s not the galaxy’s lemon and it’s not the Galaxy fall do so what could it be well it could be a Galaxy SUVs phone considering it’s the first of its kind it might not be entirely perfect for a flagship phone which is why Samsung is first trying it on a non-flagship phone which is going to be the Galaxy S series it’s going to be their first experiment as well according to South Korean news Samsung is developing a special OLED display which is using the UDC equipment called as hiaa to him Aimee’s hole in the active area we had HIA a one in the galaxy s10 family so the next generation of it is actually completely hidden inside the display new equipment is set to go for mass production in early next a year which means by the time of April 2020.

Samsung's Galaxy S11
Samsung’s Galaxy S11

we could see the first Samsung a device with a completely hidden camera under the display so no not no hole no pop-out camera and nothing it’s going to be a pure camera under the display that is the ultimate future that is the the ultimate goal for Samsung it is completely possible we’ve seen it from Oppo and show me they teased us their prototype well Samsung didn’t do that but they want to produce the actual device and just bring it in the market while they’re there show off so that’s what I love about Samsung now Korean media further says that Samson could actually, apply this technology to its Galaxy S series if not that it could apply this to their next generation of Galaxy fold device.

I personally think that Samsung could release a Galaxy a a model with this assuming is going to be the first generation. I mean it’s better to go with a non-flagship more it’s just my opinion this was our.

Samsung's Galaxy S11
Samsung’s Galaxy S11

South Korean media on Invisible Camera Phone

Confirmation coming from South Korean media now third confirmation is technically coming directly from Samsung which is through their latest beta so the pattern basically shows a baseless phone with an under-screen camera that can also rotate meaning as soon as you launch the camera a certain part of the the display will rotate probably top left or top right area and it’s gonna reveal the small camera hole Wow okay that sounds pretty good because this means that the the front camera can function on its full potential since it’s not operating on the screen and once you stop using the camera it can rotate back and go on the display simple holy smokes it sounds really nice but obviously we’ll have to see if they can actually pull this off but all this whole news these three sources Samsung’s own patent ice the universe and the South Korean media they confirm that Samsung is indeed bringing under-screen camera phone in 2020 which is super exciting course along with that, we’re gonna see the Galaxy S 11 we’re gonna see the Galaxy phone do so I’m excited about that as well let me know your thoughts in the comment the section below what you think about this do you think if Samsung is actually ready for this and if they do pull it off will you actually buy such a device let me know your thoughts and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out


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