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Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL One UI 2.0 Android 10 Review

Hey what’s up guys and it’s finally here the official Android 10 update for the Galaxy S 10 and with this update we’re getting the ui 2 and it really a great update present by the google and in this update there are many new unique and beautiful features are coming which i was wait form the last year and the leaks already tells us lots of things related to this so its not fully new for me but all of you must loved it. The leaks from gaggos which is a pakistani online blog tells us about this before and most of its leaks are almost correct so this is some thing good for us because this in the gaggoos leaks they tells us really amazing features which are coming from google.


It’s definitely not a huge change. I mean at this the purpose you cannot even tell the difference between the one who I 1.0 and therefore the 2.0 but there are some obvious differences that I’m gonna be discussing and a few of the awesome features that this UI does bring therefore the one you I took mine though is essentially a refinement of the first 1 UI version using the large phones comfortably as we are occupation 2020 phones are becoming bigger we already know that the galaxy Sloan family will have even bigger displays so one UI is essentially built for that so looks wise there’s not much difference between the new 2.0 version and therefore the older version you’ve an equivalent home screen look an equivalent search for the the app drawer and zip change on the lock screen also which is ok obviously this is often perfect in my opinion but one the large feature which will make a huge the difference compared to the older version is that the gesture navigation therefore the gesture navigation on the Samsung device is extremely almost like the Google Pixel 4 so exactly how Google has implemented on the pixel for Samsung has done an equivalent they need no addition whatsoever which is good just the way Google wants it you’ll swipe from rock bottom and hold to travel to the multitasking tray, you’ll swipe again to travel back to your home screen one big addition is that the swipe back gestures so this is often often something i actually like about iOS that we’ve for years now it’s finally on the Android side and it really makes the experience of using this phone an entire lot better so this is again like I said considerably inspired from iOS that tells that Apple definitely was within the right direction back in 2017 they added the gesture navigation with the iPhone 10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Pixel

So i do not mind learning goodies from other operating systems but the difference with the galaxy s 10 plus compared to the pixel is that you simply do not have to use the gesture navigation if you enter display settings and you enter navigation bar you are doing have the choice to use your old way of you recognize just using the buttons if you do not want these gestures you continue to have the old option but i have been using the gestures completely for the past three days and on the stable version, I even have to mention it works tons better than I expected obviously, it’s n’t as fluid because the iPhones but it is pretty close and Samsung will certainly bring tons of improvement with the Galaxy 11 once you have the 120s display combined with this it’s getting to get tons of lot fluid if you swipe from the corner it gives you the access to the Google assistant so this is often often a touch of a changing way of launching the assistant except we’ve an enormous camera redesigned this is one among the features that i actually like on the 1un 2.0 so compared to the older look you’ve got a way cleaner looking UI and rather than having the endless scrolling wheel of features you now have a more a tab that has all the features that you simply don’t use that always so you’ve got the Instagram mode the hyper-lapse super movie panorama all that stuff and in fact the night mode so if you employ night mode tons and you would like to customize this all you’ve got to try to to is to carry it then just drag this outside and now you’ve got this feature and now you’ve got it outside next to the most camera mode so you’ll easily access that and need to say this is often excellent again just the way Google has implemented in their own UI.

Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL One UI 2.0 Android 10 Review
Logo Robot Google Green Smartphone Android

Samsung One UI 2.0 Android

Samsung is adding a number of the features from the stock and reversion now aside from the new camera UI change Samsung has added the power to record slow-motion videos using the front the camera they’re also called as slow fees if you would like to call them that but yeah these are basically slow-motion selfies or slow-motion selfie videos i might say then , of course, we do have the super duper ultra night mode with the professional fessional a camera so if you enter the pro mode and attend the aperture settings you now have the choice to line the long exposure all the because of 30 seconds which is amazing you furthermore may have the choice to line the ISO up to 3200 if you’re really shooting in super a dark environment so here are a number of the results and that i need to say so as so as to require photos with this mode you’ve got to use a tripod so i used to be ready to take these photos that I even have to mention these are tons of high-quality photos compared to the traditional night mode we’ve very less noise it really shows that Samsung is pushing its current camera hardware to absolutely the limits i actually wish that Samson included of these features once they first launched the Galaxy stand lineup they create us wait goodbye for this but yeah I mean these features are here and they are still well appreciated Samsung has also added the new screen recorder that they first added on the Galaxy Note dental as recording yourself as you record the the screen of your phone so you’ll have a a bigger or smaller circle of yourself while you’re shooting that in my opinion this is often just like the best screen recorder the implementation we’ve on any phone now thanks to the new gesture navigation Samsung has added a fresh way of accessing the one-handed operation so to access the one-handed operation you only need to swipe from rock bottom like this and boom there’s your little screen everything right here within the reach of your thumb and to travel back just tap on the black part.

need to say it is a very nice implementation again almost like what Apple has done and what they first introduced with the iPhone 10 therefore the next time we’ve the device care option this is often now a redesigned look of it a bit a way better compared to the older icons the entire scanning animation has been changed also so you’ll quickly optimize your phone check out that just a really nice clean looking updated design compared to the previous version and with this, we even have a replacement change with the battery so now the battery the choice looks different also again different animation if you attend the battery usage again you’ve got a way cleaner UI you’ll see within the details for the past seven days, you’ll do this with the older UI but everything is simply crammed up into only one page so it’s all redesigned and it just looks specialized on the two .0 version you now can set a custom battery limit for the wireless spoilers shares so for instance if you would like to prevent charging at the battery limit 50 percent you’ll just set that then now you’ve got the choice to line the battery limit from 30 percent from the minimum to all or any the high to 90 percent maximum so once your phone for instance hits 45 percent it’s gonna stop charging the wireless device so very nice customizable option now with 1ui 2.0 also if we plow ahead and inspect the digital wellbeing option once more a really nice UI previously we had this graph again a touch bit complicated in my opinion now it’s just tons better with the meter you’ll see the individual application timings and again it’s quite almost like iOS but yeah I mean i prefer the great part that Samsung is implementing here the the remake here is certainly the main target mode this enables you to actually specialise in the things that matters so you’ll choose applications that you simply want to use within the focus mode like for instance Gmail or LinkedIn or Maps you’ll just add them and every one the remainder of the applications are going to be blocked from the users, if you only plow ahead and begin there it’s got this very nice animation and through this point you’ll only use the apps that you simply have selected so a very nice way of you recognize breaking faraway from social media and specialise in your work also if you dropdown the notification panel you’ll see that the time has been shifted to the left aside from that there is a replacement animation for the brightness slider, it is a lot thicker compared to the older one therefore the older one is simply just like the slam origin so quite nice-looking implementation Samsung also renamed the night mode as dark mode and in my opinion this is often the the proper thanks to call it due to night mode is like that yellow thing since it’s an Android 10 dark mode.

It is a system-wide version so basically when you’re turning on your wallpaper, we’ll go a touch bit dark and it just conserves battery overall i actually recommend you guys using the dark mode on your Samsung phone now another interesting thing that i used to be ready to find while fooling around is that once you ‘re changing the colour your folder it gives you a very nice preview right the highest whereas previously there was no preview of any kind so you’d just select the colour and see it afterward but now you’ll see it live as you modify the colours which is pretty good we even have a replacement app animation so when you touch the screen it just you recognize blooms it just grows and therefore the same way it goes back whereas the previous animations are fast but they do not have the graceful effect of the one UI 2.0 so i actually do like this new change also if you hold down the screen and you attend the wallpaper application the the entire UI just looks very different so now you’ve got an actual wallpaper tab previously it might just take you to your Galaxy theme store and it’s just a poor choice of the UI i do not want to travel to the shop , I just want to vary the wallpaper so now you’ve got the great UI for lock screen and residential screen wallpaper you’ll choose the wallpapers you have already got on your phone you’ll attend your gallery and choose the wallpapers from there which you’ve got downloaded from third-party applications then if you would like more wallpapers from Samsung store you’ve got this explore more wallpapers option that takes you to the theme Samsung galaxy theme store rather than this which was very automatic so i might say it is a very nice the implementation now there’s the choice called as wallpapers services.

I’m pretty sure most of the people do know this feature was available within the previous version so if you enter the wallpapers service you now have the choice of dynamic lock screen this is often very almost like Oppo and Vivo and another Chinese phone basically, you’ve got this constant wallpapers on the lock screen changing whenever you press the facility key so you get a pleasant new quite look to your phone and each time you choose it up so it’s pretty good also if you attend the sting lighting option once more we’ve better cleaner implementation to travel to lightning style and if you click on the lighting style you’ll see rather than having these little options we’ve this three-tab therefore the main one is that the effect which we would like to affect which is simply adding custom animations there are some new ones like the Eclipse echo and spot line if you would like to customize that you simply can attend if you would like to vary the the colour you’ll go here if you would like to vary some advanced options like the transparency or the duration you’ll enter this feature so again tons better implementation of the UI compared to the older crammed up look now if you open up the phone dialer you now have the choice to call via places so previously it had been from the recent or contacts and now you’ll contact your favorite places to travel to the present tab it basically first show you the the live location we have got the food restaurant home services and shopping if you inspect the food option it’ll show you the food options you’ve got i do not know why it isn’t working immediately but it should work now lastly if I mention the performance with the 1ui 2.0 it’s really smooth I’ve not seen any lag whatsoever the gesture navigation works pretty good also again if you guys want to ascertain a speed test let me know within the comment section below so yeah that’s it these are all the features with the 1ui 2.0 now tons of those features will come to all or any the Samsung devices like the redesigned camera UI but features just like the ultra night mode within the pro settings won’t be available across all Samsung films so this is often often just something specific to the galaxy s 10 also because the slo-mo selfie but yeah this is what we’ve one here 2.0 pretty good update again let me know your thoughts within the comment section below what’s your favorite feature out of all the features that I even have discussed and yeah see you guys within the next to at least one peace out

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