Samsung Galaxy M40 Review After 1 Month

hi there this is Admin and in this The post we’ll be doing the full review for the Samsung Galaxy m 40 and this M 40 is the latest version of the smartphone in the new M series and this one actually comes with the Snapdragon 600 v SOC which is the first and for the M series a Snapdragon associ so in this review I’ll break it down between the pros and the cons so that you can decide if this one is right for you or not.

Before that here are the quick specs for the m14 and as you can see it’s coming with the Snapdragon 600 v SOC has a six-point three inches screen comes with six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage and it has a triple range facing camera setup and the front-facing camera is a punch hole.

let’s talk about the pros of what I really like about this device and first the the best thing that there Samsung has done is that the event with the Snapdragon six and we 5 SOC on this one and it’s a very powerful processor and also a very power-efficient processor because initially, I was very skeptical about the battery as it has a 3000 fan and milliamp-hour battery but I’m having to say that due to the Snapdragon 600 Pharos to see everything runs without any issues there is no lag or anything on this one, the performance is really good also coming to the UI it comes with the new one you out of the box and also comes with Android PI out of the box so that’s actually a really nice thing now I’m going to cellular reception here also, I’m having to say that the cellular reception is actually really good at testing this one with Airtel and Gio in Hyderabad and I did not have any problems in fact in terms of cellular the reception I would say it’s above average compared to most other mid-range smartphones and even eight in this room this is a soundproof room I was able to take calls width one and obviously the Geo reception also I did not have any the problem so that is actually good the the fingerprint scanner is okay I would say not the fastest but I notice that it does not give any haptic feedback so I hope I meant with an update they enable haptic feedback because if it doesn’t recognize you just don’t have an idea so that is a manual call that I have again as slightly on the slower side takes about half a second but unlocks most of them right now I’m going to the cellular call quality this is not reception guys the cellular call quality was good the thing is that it does not have a normal earpiece like other phones, in fact, the whole screen actually vibrates and the earpiece like other phones, in fact, the whole screen actually vibrates and that’s how you get the call and this might be a feel a little bit weird initially but I quickly got adjusted to it and I would say for the 90% of the times the call quality have was very clear and audible I did not have a problem but again if you are new to this we have seen this stuff and very high-end phones earlier so it might take a day or two to get used it but after that the cellular what do you say voice quality the screen vibrates and it’s actually predicted here for 90% of the time also the good thing is that it comes with six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage and I did not have any issues regarding the ROM management the ROM management was done very well on this device now going to the gaming as it has the stamp ragging 675 the gaming the performance was also very good I tested the puppy and I played it without any issues now I’m going to the battery initially is very skeptical because it has that 3,500 milliamp-hour battery and we have seen smartphones having it four thousand and even five thousand milliamp hour battery but due to the Snapdragon 600 5 SOC at the battery life is actually pretty good and you know dual SIM it was easily lasting me for a full the day that is almost 24 hours without any issues yes it’s not like other smartphones that come with five thousand a milliamp-hour battery that can last for about two days but easily in one full a day without any issues and in terms of the screen on the time you can expect anywhere between about four and a half to about five hours of screen on time so the battery life is good I would say not the best but for 3500 milliamp-hour I would say the battery life was good now.

Samsung Galaxy M40 beauty
Samsung Galaxy M40 beauty

Samsung Galaxy M40 Camera Review

let’s move to the camera and has a triple rear facing the camera and the the meet camera is 32 megapixel and us also have an 8-megapixel floor that wide angle lens and last thing we also have a 5 megapixel that is for depth and as you can see with the sample shots in outer Nations I would say that the camera performance is actually really good but when we move to artificial lighting conditions yes I did notice a degradation in the quality of the photos they became a little bit soft but nevertheless the camera the performance was good but in one area I felt it was slightly lacking was in close-up shots when I was trying to take up close-up macro shot, I found it to be difficult it’s not like you can’t take they but the focusing was an issue so it’s not the greatest for macro shots I like the fact that we still have that the wide-angle lens on this one so it’s a the versatile camera now I’m going to the front-facing camera it’s that punched hole the camera that you are getting and that’s a 16-megapixel shooter and for selfies, it does a pretty decent job so overall I would say the camera performance is good but again if you compare every some other mid-range Android phones that are coming with the Sony forty eight-megapixel sensor yes those were the slightly better video with the m-40 and it’s actually really windy so again not sure how will be the sound but guys I’m just walking around and still shooting the video and as of now, it looks to be stable recording this video with the the front-facing camera of the galaxy m4p and I’m just walking around and this is the audio that you’ll get again this is an outdoor condition so these are the good things about this device.

Samsung Galaxy M40 Things that I did not Like

Now let’s move to the cons and the things that I did not like this handset is priced at about 20,000 rupees and I find it very strange that Samsung decided to go with the TFT screen instead of an amulet or even IPS LCD screens don’t get me wrong the screen quality is not bad the screen is good I watched a couple of videos on this and we were half a movie and it was fine but when we compare it with AMOLED screens or even an IPS LCD screen I would say Samsung should have put an amulet or IPS green screen and this one and also in terms of maximum brightness I would say it is not as bright as other IPS screens that we see so but if you just look at it if you don’t have other phones to compare the screen quality is fine but at this price point, I am slightly disappointed with it tea screen that we are getting also as it’s having that full view screen we do not have any physical LED notification light on this one and also it does not have that here pea as I’ve mentioned the screen actually vibrates and that’s how you hear now I’m fine full for 90% of the time I would say but when the signal reception is very low from the other end and the sound gets muffled then this vibration what do you say of the screen then I notice that the call was not very clear this happened only 5% of the time when the other parties had very low signal now another thing that I simply do not like about this device is it does not have the 3.5 mm headphone jack I don’t know why Samsung omitted that well Samsung was one of those volumes that used to give the 3.5 mm headphone jack and actually messing and also now moving to the speaker it has a the single speaker here at the bottom and it’s fine I would say but most of the a time when I was watching YouTube videos.

Samsung Galaxy M40
Samsung Galaxy M40

Stuff I had to keep it at maximum volume I just felt that the volume level could have been slightly better so that is also something that you have to note and I find it very strange that as of now Samsung has only to launch the 60 GB say market around this one it’s not a bad device to say I would say but considering the price point of 20,000 rupees I do feel that Samsung has cut some corners and also the back is that plastic polycarbonate back I don’t have a problem with that but it’s sort of a finger predator magnet so to summarize I would say it’s not a bad phone but at 20,000 rupees you’re certainly paying that Samsung the premium that 15 to 20 percent premium for this device and if you particularly really want a Samsung phone and you want the good performance then you can go with this one but considering the competition you are definitely paying sort of a premium for this one anyways guys that were my review of this Samsung Galaxy m40.


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