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Samsung Galaxy A51 – Complete Review After 2 Weaks

Is the Samsung Galaxy 851 a good phone to buy well in this article we’re gonna find out.

Hi everyone, this is Admin here coming at you with my Samsung Galaxy a 51 review. Now I’m really excited to create this review because Samsung did an excellent job designing this device.

It’s pretty much almost like my dream smartphone, in fact, I can’t think of too many ways they could have made this better than they did and I’ll be going through the reasons why throughout this the article.

If you’re located in the US but this is an international phone so you are going to get great GSM compatibility you all around the world. Now in u.s. this the device is currently retailing for three hundred and twenty-nine dollars so a a little bit more expensive than some of the devices that I typically cover here on the site but at the same time it still is offering a lot of value for what you’re saying.

Now I’m expecting that this spring this phone will be making its way over to various carriers in the US so I’m certainly excited about that and I’m sure those carriers will offer a ton of different promotions to kind of bring the price of the phone down but at the the moment this is the only version of the galaxy a 51 that you can buy and that is the international factory unlocked GSM a version of the phone.

So it’s great if you’re located anywhere around the world they use the GSM carrier especially in the US if you’re using AT&T t-mobile Metro by t-mobile cricket or other smaller GSM carriers like mint mobile.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Performance Test

I’ll show you a performance test of this a device. It has worked extremely well now the Samsung Galaxy a 51 features a 6.5-inch display with an infinity Oh at the top so unlike the galaxy a 50 which featured a water drop notch this device does have the Infinity oh and I personally prefer it another nice thing to of this infinity oh is that’s actually extremely small you can see how tiny it is and it’s really amazing that they were able to pack in a 32 megapixel the front-facing camera in that punch out now the display features Corning Gorilla Glass 3 it’s Super AMOLED and features a resolution of 1080p in addition to that we’re getting a 405 PPI and a 20 by 9 aspect ratio.

I personally like that aspect ratio a lot because of it really does maximize the screen real estate that you get while still making the the device they’re easy to hold you can see I have no problem holding the phone with one hand and of course if you are holding it kind of towards the bottom here it is tough to reach the top of the phone but for using in social media applications like Facebook and Instagram.

It’s great because you’ll be able to see more of your feed and then when you’re reading the article with this device it does make it either immersive experience now also make sure to check out my article comparing this device to the 850 and then also the 820 but one of the things that I did notice is that despite this phone featuring Super AMOLED as the display technology it’s not quite as contrasting as those other devices now that’s not necessarily a bad thing but it seems like Samsung did tone down the saturation a little bit with the galaxy a 51 it kind of makes it looks more natural anyways so I actually don’t mind that but you can see here how crisp and clear the display is it looks fantastic and it looks like the kind of display that you’d find with a flagship devices like the Galaxy S 10 or Galaxy Note 10 take any compromises when putting a really great-looking display in the galaxy a 51.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Version

Now there are several different storage configurations available for the device now this the configuration is the 128 gigabyte a version of the phone now with 128 gigs you’re also getting 6 gigabytes of RAM and that is the version I will be linking in the article description. I believe you can also get it with 64 gigabytes of storage but then you get less RAM at just 4 gigabytes the Samsung Galaxy 851 does not feature wireless charging but we do get a fingerprint a sensor built into the display so I’ll show you how that works right now it’s very quick response and accurate and in fact, compared to the fingerprints that comes with the galaxy a 50 they did make some improvements with making it more accurate.

Samsung Galaxy A51 - Complete Review
Samsung Galaxy A51 – Complete ReviewSamsung Galaxy A51 – Complete Review

Samsung Galaxy A51 Camera

Now one of the most exciting features with the galaxy a 51 certainly has to be the camera module we’re getting four different cameras with the device so it is a quad camera the setup we’re getting a 48 megapixel main camera a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera a 5-megapixel depth-sensing camera to assist with the live focused portrait mode and we’re getting a 5 a megapixel macro camera.

We are getting a macro camera with this phone and that’s a very unique feature and something that we’re gaming compared to the galaxy 850 in addition to that the actual megapixel count for the main and ultra-wide-angle cameras are also higher compared to the galaxy 850 and later on, in the article, I will show you a quick side by side but also check out my separate comparison article.

I really go in-depth now you can access that macro camera by going over to the more tab here and then you’ll see macro right there but essentially with macro you have to be 3 to 5 centimeters away from the object so you can see that I can get a really good close-up of this box and I’ll pull up the photo right here and there you go look at that look at how crisp and clear that is and it’s almost like a microscope in a sense that you’re really able to get extremely close to whatever you’re taking a photo of now later on, in the article, I will show you some photo samples from the device but I did take some pictures using the macro camera of a leaf and it’s really awesome how much detail you can see than the main 48 megapixel the camera looks really good too.

It’s almost up to a flagship level of quality seriously though it really doesn’t leave you with anything to be desired as far as the quality goes as it really does look awesome then switching over to the the ultra-wide-angle camera you can really fit a ton of content here in the frame so that’s excellent then of course there’s the live focus which will blur out the background you do have the ability to manually adjust the blur which is great and then the front-facing camera looks really good too I have it on the live focus mode right now but I’m gonna switch over to the normal mode and what’s cool about the front-facing the camera is that there’s actually a little bit of a wider setting too so it makes it just a little bit wider not as wide as an ultra-wide-angle camera would be but you can see the difference there that it certainly does fit a little bit more content in the frame there compared to the standard front-facing camera mode but that really comes in handy if you’re trying to take a group selfie.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Specifications

I am really happy that Samsung did implement that with the Galaxy a 51 now in my first impressions video many people are asking what this little bump out is on the top right side of the device, some people thought it was some sort of defect or a notch in fact what this is that when you swipe over you get instant access to whatever apps you choose to put here so this is called the edged screen and it’s a really useful feature and it’s nice how you can access that from any application so a nice quick shortcut there I recommend customizing this and putting your most-used apps in this section it’ll make it really convenient but getting back to the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy 851 like I mentioned a little bit ago we’re hitting 6 gigabytes of RAM with this version of the phone and we’re getting the Samsung Exynos 6 9 1 1 the processor.

I did run the tutu benchmark test to see what score we get and you can see here with the Galaxy a 51 we got a total score of one seven seven five nine four with a CPU score of five seven one zero four so a very good score there you’re going to get pretty nice performance with that score it’s certainly not up to a flagship level but it is significantly better than what you’re getting with the Galaxy a 20 and it’s also slightly better than what you’re getting with the Galaxy 850 which features the Exynos 9 6 1 is 0 so they’re awesome score there what i recommend doing is downloading the antutu benchmark app on your device that you’re currently using and then compare that score to this score another awesome surprise with the galaxy a 51 is that we get 4k video recording with the front and rear cameras.

I mentioned earlier later on in the article, I will show you some photo samples so you can see for yourself how good the video quality is but for spoiler alert it actually looks really good and the microphone quality with the galaxy a 51 is one of the biggest surprises. It has a really good internal microphone so that’s great if you’re doing any sort of narration when you’re recording videos.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Battery & software Review

Now the device features a beefy 4000 mill power internal the battery, in fact, that’s a larger internal battery than what you’re getting with the Galaxy Note 10-4 the note but really awesome for the Galaxy a 51 another the awesome thing is that the phone is compatible with 15-watt fast charging.

You can quickly charge up the phone now the software on here is Android 10 it does feature Samsung’s skin so if you’re used to that already from Samsung then it’s going to be very familiar so really cool the phone does ship with the latest and greatest version of Android and I’d imagine that the phone will get updated later on to Android 11 since Samsung has promised to upgrade the Galaxy a 50 to Android 10 eventually I don’t know when that’s gonna be but I think it’s gonna happen in probably the next three months or so but if you go with the galaxy a 51 then you’re gonna have the latest version of Android right away but I really do like the hardware of this device.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Display & Features

I already talked about the front panel here it’s really nice how good of a screen a body the ratio you’re getting I like that this bottom bezel down here was certainly shrunken down compared to the 50 and you’re really getting an awesome screen of body ratio with the galaxy a 51 and again like I mentioned earlier they made the Infinity oh extremely small and it doesn’t really get in the way at all so I really like that approach better than a pop up the front-facing camera.

Taking a look at the left side of the device we have the slot for the micro sd card and SIM card now based on the version of the a phone that you get the slot is gonna be a little bit different and what I mean by that is that this is the the international version of the galaxy 851 and it is dual SIM.

What’s really cool is that not only is it dual SIM but you’re getting dedicated slots for both SIM cards and an SD card because sometimes the second SIM card slot is shared with the SD card slot so if you do decide to go with two sims you can’t put in an SD card but with the way that the galaxy 851 is designed you can put in two SIM cards and one micro SD card at the same time take a look at the the right side of the phone we have the the power button and volume button then on the top of the noise canceling microphone and then on the bottom of the phone with the speaker microphone USB C port for charging and data transfer and we have a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack so another great surprise there than on the backside of the device we have that quad camera set up with the flash and then we have a really the material in the back which is known as glass stick it’s like a combination of glass and plastic.

I really like the way it looks and I’m a really big fan of this color but the phone is offered in a variety of different colors you can get it in prison crush black white blue and pink but again we’re getting a very quick and accurate fingerprint sensor built into the display here so I really appreciate that and what’s cool is is that with this design it almost looks like a mini Galaxy Note 10 with it but you’re also saving a ton of money so I don’t even see a reason to get a flagship phone when we have great options like the Galaxy a 51 nowhere is the box of the phone Canaan.

Now keep in mind that based on the specific version of the device that you buy the accessories that are included might be a little bit different but you can see on the front of the box we have a picture of the phone itself now opening up the the box we have this little box within a box we get a SIM card removal tool that comes with the phone so that’s very cool but then also another surprise is that this phone came with a case now this the case is nothing too impressive and there’s a lot of accessories already available for the a51 but it is cool at least to see that we do get a clear plastic case included in the box and if you do want to get something that is a bit more protective then it’s a good temporary case until your main case arrives we also get a Quick Start Guide in both English and Spanish and a warranty card.

Now keep in mind that not every version of the phone comes with a case included I’m not really sure which one’s doing which ones don’t I know that some people commented on my first impressions video that their galaxy a 51 did not come with a clear case so I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker one way or another but cross your fingers that yours will come with a case so here is the box that the 51 comes in you can see with a picture of the phone right here on the front also a 51 right there and then Samsung galaxy a 51 on the side now let’s take a look and see what all is included we get QuickStart guides in both English and Spanish as well as a warranty card and my galaxy a 51 came with a clear plastic case included in the box now based on some of the comments that I’ve gotten on my other a51 videos it looks like some of the phones do not come with the case so I’m not sure which ones do and which ones don’t.

It depends on where you’re ordering it from but I’m glad to see that mine didn’t come with one, of course, this is a the very simple and basic case that doesn’t provide a ton of protection but still nice to see that it is included what’s especially awesome about the 851 is that there’s already a bunch of different accessories available on Amazon and other places online so you’re gonna have no issues finding a bunch of cases screen protectors and other various accessories for the phone now also included in the box is an adaptive fast charging wall adapter we’re also getting some basic headphones here these are 3.5 millimeter headphones and we get a USBC cable for charging and data transfer but nice to see that it is included herein the box but that’s pretty much everything that you’re getting so not a a ton of accessories but still pretty cool at least that I did get a free case included.

My Experience with Samsung Galaxy A51

I mentioned earlier in the article I’ve had a great experience so far using the Galaxy 851 with Cricket Wireless so super easy to get it set up literally, all I had to do is put the sim the card in the phone and talk text and data immediately started working I didn’t even have to adjust the APN settings at all but I’m now calling my iPhone 11 hello hello hello so calling works really well everything is really clear with that sending text messages are nice and quick here I’ll send one back and you can see it’s really quick to send messages back and forth so just know that if you use Cricket Wireless you’re gonna have a great experience using it with the Samsung Galaxy 851 let’s now do a data speed test you can see down below it says AT&T Wireless and that’s because cricket is owned by AT&T and I got speeds of 8 megabits per second down in 7.57 up and that’s perfect because cricket is supposed to offer 8 megabits per second data speeds and I know that’s not really that quick but that’s what they offer so the 8:51 does a great job handling cricket.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Internet Speed test

Another great thing too with the a51 is that it supports 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi so I’ll show you a speed test right now and I actually pay for 150 megabits per second down and about 15 up and you can see here with the download I’m certainly getting everything that I’m paying for so the speeds here just as good if not better than what I get with my main computer so if you are paying for very good Wi-Fi speeds and just know that you’re gonna get those speeds with your a 51 and it’s not going to slow anything down and then the upload is pretty much what I typically get on my computer as well the galaxy a 51 is a great device for watching YouTube content and really any video the content you can see here I was able to crop the video in to fill up the entire display and it really is a very an immersive experience in addition to that the speaker quality with the a51 is really loud and clear.

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