Oppo Reno 10X Zoom Review

hi there this is Admin and this the post we’ll be doing the full review for this opening on 10x zoom and I’ve been actually using this one for over a week now and quite a few of you have asked me what do I feel about the same and this actually comes in two variants guys and remember this is the 10x zoom, not the regular reno and this also comes in two variants one comes with six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage that’s there’s also another way Diem that comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and do 56 gigabytes of storage that’s what I said about 50000 I frankly feel the 40,000 won is the most price-effective in my Frank opinion but Before we jump between the pros and cons of what do I feel about this device.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom Review

Specifications of Oppo Reno

let’s talk about the specs as you can see it’s part with the snapdragon 855 SOC and it comes with a six-point six-inch Super AMOLED screen and other specs are on the screen and the biggest thing about this 10x is that zoom capabilities that it has we have a look at all that but here are the specs on the screen for your reference so first, let’s talk about the pros of what do I feel about this device and the first the thing that you look at this one is the screen and it’s AMOLED screen that you’re getting it’s a six-point six inch screen but because it doesn’t have that in any what is in the notch or anything so yes do at six point six edges it does not feel that big but slight it’s slightly a heavy but I got used to the weight of this device after about three-four days and it’s a good quality hamlets screen that you are having again because it’s an AMOLED screen again if you notice the viewing areas are good the blacks are jet-black so I didn’t have a problem with the AMOLED screen and also if you keep it on auto-brightness that’s how I was using it I did not have a lot of problems and underneath it transferred color over six with android pi that is Android s and so that’s not a problem so you’re getting as of now the latest the version of Android if you go to about the device and this is typically color OS if you notice and as you can see it’s running on the color OS version 6 and the Android version is 9 that is Android Pi and now as this Renault is in this Android beta program Oppo officials say that we will also be getting the next version of Android goddess and the next Android very quickly on this, it’s typical color OS we do have that app free on this and if you notice in terms of UI operations.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom Review

I never notice any lag eNOS or anything with this device because it’s running on the snapdragon 855 SOC and as you can see it’s really good and even in terms of RAM management that the RAM management has been done very well on this device apostate in memory and some of the apps like true caller etc also stay in memory so again in terms of RAM management also I did not have a problem and again as it’s running on the snapdragon 855 general performance was not an issue now another thing that I like about this the device is that if you look from the back it actually looks very stylish the cameras though they are actually very powerful cameras don’t come out and shut out it’s nicely done and at least in this color, they call this Umbra green this looks really nice if you just tilted a little bit like this you get a slight gradient effect and in terms of looks, I would say it looks really nice and yes it has that shark fin antenna if you use the the front-facing camera I’ll talk about the the camera later on so in terms of looks I would say it does actually a pretty good the job now moving to another small thing is that in terms of haptic feedback I felt that the haptic feedback is done on this one was very very done this is actually very close to the 1 plus 7 Pro and some of the higher-end Android phones that offer has done this is something that is not a small thing but does make quite a bit of difference so the haptic feedback implementation has been done very well on this one and even when you use the keyboard or generally used 2 4 it gives you very good haptic feedback now I’m going to another thing is that this one has steel your speakers and I’m happy to say that the stereo speakers implementation is done very well on this the device so this is my own videos and if you notice the sound comes from here unknown from the gear piece so mild less I would say the sound the output that you’re getting from this one is actually really good and I don’t have to always keep it on the max volume even at 80 percent volume, it was loud enough so the stereo implementation has been done very well but it does not have the 3.5 mm headphone jack now moving to the fingerprint scanner it has an in-display fingerprint scanner as you can see over here and it is very very responsive so you don’t have to worry about this one as you can see it works every time so the ink display fingerprint scanner is a good one and it’s faster in display the fingerprint scanner that is used on this now moving to another thing is that the the battery on this on paper is just 465 milliamp-hour battery but I have to say the battery life on this phone is actually really good I had to use this with dual SIM almost all the time and now I have just put my what do you say eight and some and the good thing to start with Airtel also I am getting the vote connection and the battery life is actually really good I would say in terms of battery life it can actually go about one and a half days of usage with my typical usage so that way the battery life is very good but again as this is color OS as you see we don’t get detailed what do you say battery starts and the SOT values but nevertheless I would say the battery life has been good it was giving me almost about one and a half days of battery life per charge and if you sort of would even a heavy user I would say even with two sims little easy lasts for a typical working day for example if you leave your house at about 8 o’clock in the morning even if you come back at about 10:30 or 11 o’clock it will still have about 20-25 percent of battery life so the battery life has been implemented well I would say and guys to be fair I am actually using it with this always-on screen mode so if you disable this maybe you eke out slightly better battery life now as I’ve mentioned it does have dual voltage I did not have the problem I tested this one 8l and Gio right now it’s my little simmers in there and as you can still see we have the voltage signal so we are we are getting voltage signal even on it and obviously, with Gio, it works and also in terms of network I would say the network reception is slightly above average in my studio or the room again it’s soundproof room and the signal level is generally lower theater but I was able to take some calls in that room yes it was getting slightly muffled at times this is very low signal many of the phones just get cut off but with this one, I was able to take some calls so I would say the network reception is slightly above average and with a Geo it was an excellent also now moving to another the important thing is that as is a smart phone the earpiece quality is really really good the other party sounded very crystal clear so the European is implemented very well and in fact the your piece is here in this area I was a a little bit skeptical about the gear piece but the earpiece is very good and the call quality was called I also took some calls while the speakerphone had did not have any problems with that now moving to RAM management I have told you it has actually really good no issues other than the UI I did not notice any what do you say lag Enos or even a rom management surprisingly has been done very well with this one though it’s having that custom color OS skin on it I also did some gaming I’d you can do a lot of gaming, I just played pub G on this and pop G played fine without any issues I did not have any lag Enos or anything with the same now I’m moving to the the biggest thing about this phone is the the camera on this one it has the triple camera setup and actually the main the camera is a 48-megapixel camera with f4 1.7 lens then we also have the special 13-megapixel zoom camera that’s the big the thing about this one and it can go up to 6 X and even 10x zoom and lastly we also have the 8 megapixel wide-angle it actually has a periscope for that mega zoom so that’s the special thing about this one and this one also has laser autofocusing so for focusing it is actually pretty fast and the the front-facing camera is this shark fin they call it the pop camera and this is having a 16-megapixel front-facing camera and here are some of the samples shots that I have taken with this and as you can see the camera performance it’s like typical poor phones the camera performance is actually really good color reproduction is good and also when he used our different modes of that it works very well and to be frank guys yes it has that 6x and 10x zoom and it works very well but in my last week of usage I didn’t have a need to actually use the 6x or 10x zoom maybe if you are on a holiday or something you might use it but to just give you an idea here are some of the samples that were taken in the normal mode and then I use the zoom mode 6x and 10x and yes as you can see you can go really close to the subject if you use those 6x and 10x more but in real life I hardly used it I was mostly using it in the wide-angle lens or in the regular model with the portrait moment and then though those scenarios it performed very well now I’m going to the front-facing camera it’s a 16 megapixel front-facing camera and here also as you can see the front-facing camera performance is actually really good I did not have a problem with the a front-facing the camera so in terms of the camera I would say the camera performance is really good and yes this is one of those phones that has that 6x and 10x whom capabilities which can be actually useful if you’re going on a holiday or something.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom Review

but on a normal day to day usage I frankly did not use it that much but nevertheless the camera performance is good now let’s move to the cons and some of the things that I did not like with this smartphone again like many of the other smartphones this does not have a physical LED notification light but in the settings you can enable this always-on display and as you can see always-on display is there it’s showing me the time and the fingerprints Canada’s here it works but one thing that I’ve noticed is that let this always-on display it does not show you all the notifications on this one for example for missed calls yes it shows but for many other notifications like let’s say you’re getting email and stuff those I can simply do not come so I feel those are always on display is there but opera is simply not taking advantage of this one and I just hope in the future update they tweak this because it simply does not make sense right now it’s just showing me the time and just missed calls notification come but other notification I can simply do not come on this one it has this the built-in browser I’m not using and I’m using the Chrome browser but what I have noticed is that the built-in browser sends unnecessary notifications though you can actually disable it this color over 6 and if you notice you have this Notification Center over here and if I Click on this it’s showing me the unnecessary notification notice how many notifications you’re getting from that the browser you can hide it I have a hidden net but again it comes over here and some of you have asked me about what you see in notifications on this color OS with earlier versions of the color rose you had to wipe out each one of them but fortunately with this color rule 6 you have this X so you can swipe all of them now these are minor quibbles that I have noticed but yeah it is there now coming to one the build quality generally is actually really really good it looks very premium as I’ve told you but what I’ve noticed is that in terms of build quality the volume buttons actually, wobble quite a bit and that is also the same case even with this power the button I don’t know if it’s just on my unit but this is something that I have no that’s not a deal-breaker guy but there is a slight wobble in the water volume button it’s and slight wobble on the power on/off button that is something that I have noticed me also missed the fact that this one does not have the 3.5 mm headphone jack I know many of the phones are skipping that but I still miss that some of the other pebbles that we have that color OS like no detailed battery stats and stuff and those are the things that still annoy me and one bug that I have noticed with this device is that yes you can take some great slow-motion videos with this one and I have actually taken quite a bit of slow-motion videos for example this was for this orient bladeless fan and I took some slow-motion videos with this one and as you can see it is showing beautifully over here in a very cinematic way but there is some problem with the slow-motion video because when I export these videos on my computer I’m simply not able to play it back I even tried VLC and stuff but I hope they fix this bug with the OTA update and I still do not like the fact that in the offline stores I don’t know if the situation has changed now but this was the case when it was launched about two months ago in the offline stores they are only sending the the higher-end variant that sells for about fifty thousand rupees, not the value an oriented option that is selling for forty thousand that is only sold via Flipkart so, guys, this was my review of this open red node ten exomes certainly a very good does mark phone in terms of performance I did not have a problem and also, it’s very stylish to look at it and in general performance again I did not have a problem because it’s having the Snapdragon 855 SOC and yes you do have that 6x and 10x zoom if you really need that you have that but yeah some of the cons that I’ve mentioned do apply that are mostly to regarding color OS 6 anyways guys that were my review of this super reno 10x zoom.


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