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Nokia 8.1 Review After 1 Month

hi there this is often Admin an during this Post we’ll be doing the complete review for this Nokia 8.2 one and that i are actually using this smartphone with my voltaic cell for the last 11 days so I’ll be sharing my experience and I’ll divide this review between the pros and cons what I liked about this device and what are the items that I didn’t adore with this device and again if you would like to understand more ten read all.

Here are the fast specs for the Nokia 8.1 as you’ll see it’s part by the new Snapdragon 17 then see it’s a 6.1 8 inch screen and it’s 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of internal storage and other specs are on the screen for your reference so let’s now quickly jump between the pros and cons first let’s mention the pros what i prefer d about this device and later a part of the video I talked about a number of the items that I actually didn’t like and by the way guys this the smartphone is sold in India via Amazon for 27 thousand and that i purchased this the unit from Amazon it’s not a review that’s a retail unit I’ll have the link for Amazon within the description area therefore the very first thing that I like is 6.1 8 inch screen it’s not as big as most of the opposite phones so it’s slightly within the compact size lately most of the phones are having what does one say 6.3 and screen or something like that in order that they are slightly bigger so as you’ll see this one is slightly on the smaller size so if you don’t like very big phones then it’s the okay size and my Frank opinion .

Nokia 8.1 Specifications

Moving to the processor it’s having the new Snapdragon 710 SOC and it’s a reasonably fast processor i might say and as it’s an Android 1 device again you don’t have any lab with this phone everything actually works alright and therefore the Snapdragon 17 SOC handles everything fine so in terms of fluidity I didn’t have any problem with this device it’s very fluid no lag that I even have for no tests so it’s in no time and fluid device and also now moving to the Android version it’s the Android PI out of the box and as it’s Android 1 the device you don’t need to worry an excessive amount of about the update situation on this one now moving to RAM management i used to be initially, tons worried with this device because this comes just four gigabytes of RAM there’s no a variant of six gigabytes or anything like that when stored it’s also 64 gigabytes this just one reading that’s being sold in India so wont to be”> i wont to be a touch bit skeptical but I’m happy to mention that the RAM management has been done alright on this device and albeit just has four gigabytes of RAM it handles apps alright and even some apps that need to be in memory like true caller etc don’t get booted out therefore the RAM management has been done well on this the device though it just has four gigabytes of RAM now I’m getting to another thing is that the fingerprint scanner it’s here at the rear as I’ve totally you an unboxing video it takes a touch little bit of one or two days to urge used to it because it’s very flush with the rear it’s eventually back but once you get used to it it’s a reasonably responsive fingerprint scanner as you’ll see and it works almost whenever as you’ll see so so I don’t have a drag with the fingerprint scanner now I’m moving to the charger that’s supplied within the box I’m happy that Nokia has supplied the fast charger during a box it’s 18-watt charger therefore the device charges fairly quickly it supports fast charging.

Nokia 8.1 Review After 1 Month
Nokia 8.1 Review After 1 Month

Nokia 8.1 Battery life

let’s mention the battery life on this one and that i did the test this for a few of days in various scenarios it’s a 3500 milliamp-hour battery and that i initially tested it with just one sim and with one cell I got excellent battery life as you’ll see from the charts over about one and a half days of standby and over eight hours of screen on time and that i was very impressed with the battery life with one cell but now i made a decision to use two sims due to most of the users in India actually used their phones with two cells so I put two since one is my 8l7 and other may be a geocell and here i used to be surprised that the battery life took an enormous hit almost a 50% head as you’ll see from the screenshot of the screen on the time it’s just barely around fires with the 2 Sims so this is often very perplexing even one telephone was getting me great battery life but if you employ two Sims generally, in other phones, we take successful of about 15% to twenty with a second reason but here the battery hit was almost 50% with the second reason so if you’re getting to use it for two cents than the battery life is kind of average you’ve got to charge it a day but if you only want to use it with one cell then the battery life actually pretty good and it’ll last for about one and a half days now moving to gaming I mean I played a few of games with this asphalt mine played with none issues and that i also played Bob Gas most of you really asked me to play Pubg and as you’ll see d by default it goes to the high graphics setting and as you’ll see it plays Bob G also fine with none issues I didn’t notice any frame drops or stuff so for gaming also the gaming performance of the device Esper maria with Pubg like most of the Android phones with extended gaming about 20 minutes the rear tends to urge a a touch bit warm but the great thing is in regular usage the handset wasn’t getting one the sole scenario we’re at was getting actually pretty worm.

Nokia 8.1 Cameras

Now let’s mention the camera and a couple of looks at it from the rear it’s that dual camera setup with size optics and therefore the refore the rear-facing the camera features a setup of 12 plus 13 megapixel and for static shots where human subjects aren’t there as you’ll see from these quick samples again guys just pause it if you would like I’ll be really quick because I even have tons of samples as you’ll see the performance is basically good but I also took sample shots with human subjects here I felt they will improve a touch but the skin colors were a touch bit off especially in normal i might say these are the traditional shots that came out good but once I enable the bouquet more it had been artificially it had been darkening the skin a touch bit and also the background and certain situations worth getting or known so hopefully with the software update they will improve the bouquet mode that’s referred to as the lifetime of bouquet mode and this again within the the book came on I felt that the colours for human subjects were slightly off and that i tested it in various scenarios indoor lighting outdoor lighting I had an equivalent scenario but if you only mention the the rear-facing camera if you don’t use the bouquet mode I feel the camera is superb on this one and also it’s optical image stabilization hence albeit you shoot video with this one the the video comes out actually specialized and audio pickup is additionally excellent within the video Department now let’s move to the the front-facing camera on paper it’s amazing 20 megapixel but one thing that I’ve noticed is here a sample short have crazy this it’s poor sharpening the themes human subjects once you take photographs with the front facing camera hence the image simply doesn’t look that much smoothing it actually looks very artificial i might say so again though the if the the camera is sharp but with human subjects the front-facing camera performance it’s doing that artificial sharpening hence the photographs actually don’t look that good and now these are the items that I actually like with this phone now let’s move to the Concha these are the items that I didn’t like and the very first thing i might say again is that front-facing camera I hope they fix it with the software update due to I see an enormous potential they’re just doing that artificial sharpening for instance if you open Photoshop and slide the sharpener sharpen tool how artificial it starts look that’s what it’s doing with the front-facing camera and that i hope they improve it with the software update now I’m moving to a different big con that I’ve noticed with this device is that again it’s a Nokia device so you expect that the build quality everything really really hit should be great about this in terms of build quality it’s good it doesn’t provides a creaking noise or anything and feels nice but what I’ve noticed is notice closely at the highest the paint is getting chipped up it got chipped out or two places and also from rock bottom , so it’s this, is simply with about eleven days of usage I don’t know what is going to happen after about four or five months of uses so definitely they need compromised a touch bit on the sort of paint job that they need done and already it’s exposing it so I don’t like that and also considering the worth point and India this is often priced at 27,000 as of totally we only get one median that comes with four gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of storage I pity this the worth they ought to have given a minimum of 128 gigabytes of storage or even a 6 gigabyte RAM variant and moving to the speakers, for the foremost part, i might say it’s sound one speaker here it’s fine but I felt sometimes once I was watching tons of YouTube videos even at max volume I felt the quantity could are slightly better and one thing that I’ve noticed is that after 80 percent if you retain the quantity and you’ve got to truly keep it because the speaker isn’t too the quantity actually gets very shrill let I actually playback one among my very own videos in order that you’ll get a thought as you’ll see this is often a max volume but it’s simply not that loud about max volume so I feel the speaker should are a touch bit louder and perhaps they ought to have given stereo speakers considering the worth point of this the device now subsequent thing that I don’t like about this device is that notch the knots I feel as unnecessarily big and it doesn’t do anything useful it doesn’t even have a physical LED notification light so again if you wish the knot you would possibly love it but I feel the not just unnecessarily big on this one and even once you watch youtube videos and stuff the knots actually comes within the middle even once you maximize and stuff and there’s nothing that you simply can do about it as of now therefore the notch is unnecessarily big on this phone actually i might say they ought to have gone with the Nokia 6.1 that had a more elegant notch now moving to the earpiece also the earpiece, for the foremost part, is ok and signal quality.

Nokia 8.1 Review After 1 Month
Nokia 8.1 Review After 1 Month

I forgot Seiler call quality was fine both on Airtel and Gio but if you mention the here piece again here I had a drag within the situation like this where there is no noise or anything the quantity level is ok but in noisy situations even at maximum volume I felt that the ecu could are better so and lots of instances where i used to be outdoor on the streets even at max volume I had slight difficulty because the gear piece wasn’t that loud so what do I feel about this smartphone this is often priced at 27,000 rupees in India i prefer the very fact that it’s coming with stock Android so you do not need to worry about updates and stuff and that i just like the rear facing camera hopefully they will improve the bouquet if we compare it with the China price, for instance , to offer you a reference the Nokia 5.1 in China was selling for about 10,000 and therefore the launched it for 11,000 in India an identical situation for the Nokia 6.1 plus i feel so in China it had been for 15,000 rupees if we convert India launched it about sixteen thousand five hundred or something and this Nokia 8.1 which is really known in China as Nokia x7 is for about 18,000 but in India they launched it at 27,000 so I feel the charging an enormous premium if only i might say they might have actually priced at about twenty-one or twenty-two thousand the pricing would are justified but at twenty-seven thousand because it doesn’t have any IP rating not serious speakers nor that higher RAM or storage variant you only get forward to travel back to 64 GB and also Gorilla Glass protection isn’t there on this officially it isn’t there.

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