what’s up guys and it’s time you talked about the next evolution from Huawei. Huawei has been through a lot this year this year has been the toughest for them ever despite all the hardness the recent revenue of Huawei has improved what about 24.4% growth in China in revenue and about 60 plus commercial 5g contracts recently Germany agreed with the Huawei 5g testing and along with this Huawei has shaped 185 million smartphones in the first three quarters of the year which gave the company a solid year-on-year increase of 26%.

Google Android Ban on Huawei

Now these numbers are before the launch of the Huawei P40 pro it is the first really affected smartphone by this whole Google band May 30 family is extremely popular in China and doing pretty well and as long as it keeps doing well in China Huawei will bring more innovation to its next flagship. Beast now before I get into this article furthermore.

Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro coming soon

I just want to remind you that I will be announcing the giveaway winner towards the end of the post so make sure to stay tuned till the end with that being said the next big thing from Huawei is definitely the p40 Pro Huawei is gearing up for a big design change this time as well as introducing its own harmony OS onboard I’ve talked about it, before what it offers it’s an open-source software and it uses microkernel architecture if you want to see a detailed video on this the link is down below in the description right now there is some good news u.s. is approving a license to do business with Huawei only for some selective companies with the business that doesn’t impose any threat it’s not been revealed which of these firms will be allowed but seem like Google might not be on the list meaning there will still be no Google services for Huawei phones in the future and if that happens Huawei is going all-out Huawei is going all out with its harmony OS.

Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P40 Pro

THE HARMONY OS from Huawei

CEO himself Richard you said during Aoife 2019 press conference that by early next year, Huawei will launch its harmony OS smartphone not only do a the smartphone is coming to smartwatches as well as their laptops he further said that their harmony OS is ready for smartphone use but they are not using it right now because they’re still waiting for the US government to let them use Android if they’re not allowed there I’m gonna go with their harmony OS the the first smartphone that could use harmony OS is the Huawei B 40 series the scheduled to come in March of 2020 and following this story we have a new league from a Twitter League stir rod and he says that Huawei p40 Pro will rock Android and harmony OS as a dual boot the software’s I gotta said this is a smart move from Huawei they’re pushing users to use their harmony OS and at the same time have Android as a backup always see the Android which they’re gonna use what we have in Google services so it’s still going to be an open version of Android but it’s still better to have Android rather then just not having it at all this is indeed a safe move from Huawei since harmony OS is super new like a baby born software and it’s gonna compete out there with the likes of Android and iOS so it’s gonna be really tough so I can definitely see how all we can go with this solution according to the founder of Huawei, the Harmony OS will take about two to three years to compete with iOS he says that it might not take that long but that’s what they really think about when it comes to competing against Android and iOS domination another statistic report says that harmony OS can capture about 5% of the market globally by the end of 2020 the sales have been good in China which is why we will bring innovations regardless of what the US says or does because Huawei is strong in the biggest smartphone market which is China now as for the design the p40 family is expected rock punch whole OLED display according to some rumors but with the recent bitten things might go to an insane level for the design outcomes the patent for an under-screen front the camera we talked about Sampson also working on their under-display camera phone next year xiaomi and Oppo is doing this as well and now Huawei apparently that’s the big goal for these companies next year it will be exciting to see who wins this race anyways the baton describes a Huawei phone with a complete a hidden camera as well as a front LED indicator right under the screen where the status bar is towards the middle of it to be precise when you’re not using the front the area shows esthetic log but as soon as you launch the camera the transparency of the display goes to 0% and then it reveals the front camera this approach is very similar to the Oppo and show me just a little bit advanced with the LED indicator and other sensors under the screen now depending on the success of this we might see it on the p40 pro model and if not this then there will be a punch hole display on an OLED waterfall screen this is something that is expected in the release and rumors but who are we can certainly, surprise us again let me know your thoughts in the comment section below would you give Huawei a chance if they launch a global flagship phone that can run both Android and harmony us as a dual boot OS drop your thoughts


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