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Huawei App Gallery Quickly Explained

what’s up here if you could take and with the launch of the Huawei mate 30 series the company also announced its decision to stick with its own mobile platform Huawei mobile services now this may or may not sound familiar to some of you out there because what most Android users are aware of is Google mobile services which are services and apps provided by Google under license with any Android-based operating system this is comprised of Google Play services the Google Play Store and apps like Gmail YouTube and others on the other hand Huawei’s equivalent while mobile services includes things like the Huawei App Gallery Huawei cloud Huawei themes.

Huawei ID among other things the Huawei app gallery, in particular, is basically their own counterpart in the Google Play Store in any Huawei device it’s always available as a complement to the Google Play Store but in the case of the May 30 and May 30 Pro it’s a standalone service because after all Huawei mobile services isn’t just about having specific apps such as the browser app gallery music player file manager and others it’s important because of a full needs certain key services to run properly without certain core background services and API’s developers can’t properly make versions of their apps that cater to devices like the main 30 and make 30 Pro for Google.

Huawei App Gallery - Quickly Explained
Huawei App Gallery – Quickly Explained

This is the GMs core and equivalently for Huawei, it’s the HMS core this includes API select the account kit which is call waste equivalent to the sign-in with Google or serenade Facebook allows users to simply send into an app with their existing Huawei account instead of having to create a new account from scratch another important one location kit the equivalent to the fused location provider from Google Play services a lot of apps need GPS for location data to work properly think ways grab over food Panda and more and the list goes on there are many things at play here for Huawei to provide a usable software experience for phones like the main 30 series without having to rely on Google services and Huawei has been putting significant effort in garnering support from developers like holding the Huawei developers Day event to introduce HMS encourage them to create versions of their apps included in HMS.

We had sold hundreds of millions of phones to date so having popular apps on the the platform is a huge incentive meaning users need not use Google Play if they can get their apps on the home platform so in sum, we always move to continue on with its own mobile services can actually, be seen as one that strengthens its own position I mean if they can eventually, prove that reliance on Google mobile services are unnecessary then it can be a good thing for the industry overall so that about wraps it up for this video guy I hope you learned something new.

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