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Samsung Galaxy M40 Review After 1 Month

The post we’ll be doing the full review for the Samsung Galaxy m 40 and this M 40 is the latest version of the smartphone in the new M series and this one actually comes with the Snapdragon 600 v SOC which is the first and for the M series a Snapdragon associ so in this review I’ll break it down between the pros and the cons so that you can decide if this one is right for you or not.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Review After 1 Month

A budget phone that can take pictures as sharp as this I present you the xiaomi redmi note 8 pros the new 2019 budget king from xiaomi this could very well be the best budget phone of the year aside for me to share with you guys my new week’s review thoughts regarding this awesome $250 phone yes it costs two hundred and fifty dollars in 2019 considering what this phone is offering I mean it could easily be a $300 plus phone but Xiaomi decided to shock us all with this amazing price point.

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